You are a small business or a large one.

You can have a website or not.

As soon as you got vital digital data for the operation of your business WiCAM datacenter could design a solution for you.

WiCAM has made over 10 years corporate information security and safety a priority. By listening to the needs of its customers, WiCAM is able to create and provide useful and relevant solutions.

By choosing the WiCAM Data Center, you are sure to put your data in the hands of true professionals, but above all in a highly secure room.

Our center is equipped with only the best equipment which insures to preserve the integrity of your data in all circumstances.

High performance internet connection with speed up to 500Mbps, Emergency Generator Power, 24/7 Network Operation Center team, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Wide scalable closed rack space 19" or 24", From 1U up to 44U Full Rack space, Video Camera Surveillance, Key card access system.

A server is very crucial and sensitive to your business operations and data, so it requires a great level of care! Let our server co-location service takes responsibilities to improve your business. Our Data Center Room is equipped with full mission-critical facilities and high dedicated internet connectivity.