Businesses and individuals can house their internet servers with WiCam using WiCam co-location facilities. Colocation with WiCam lightning-fast network provides your mission-critical data with superior security, instant bandwidth management and rock-solid, redundant internet fiber connections.

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VoIP Solutions

We offer high-quality VoIP (Voice-over-IP) service that allows you to make phone calls to any country at very low call rate from your computer or smartphone over the internet using any SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compatible software (“ softphone or x-lite).

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Wireless Broadband

Experience the joy of surfing the internet at home or office with our Wireless Broadband. Simply subscribe to our Wireless Broadband services; plug the network cable to your PC or to your router’s office, and then you will be online in minutes. Absolutely, there is no phone line.

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